Tourism Noosa stands as a pivotal Local Tourism Organisation (LTO), responsible for the dynamic promotion of the Noosa region to audiences both domestically and globally, including potential tourists, commercial stakeholders, and media platforms. As an entity rooted in membership, we boast a network of over 450 members. Our members span a wide spectrum of sectors such as hospitality, travel, retail, culinary, property, fitness, wellness, and even viticulture, among others.

Despite the varied fields, all member businesses unite under a singular, shared goal: fostering tourism that’s both sustainable and beneficial for our region. This commitment is the cornerstone of every initiative or activity we undertake, steered by the principles outlined in our decade-long Sustainable Tourism Plan. We pride ourselves on a legacy that spans over a decade, functioning as a not-for-profit body under the governance of the Tourism Noosa Board of Directors. This board is an amalgamation of voices from our membership roster, the broader industry, and the local community.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Tourism Noosa is a decorated institution, having clinched the Queensland Tourism Award for Tourism Marketing and the prestigious Australian Tourism Award for Destination Marketing, not just once but twice. Moreover, our Visitor Information Centre has earned the distinction of being the premier centre of its kind across Queensland.

We extend a warm invitation to all, offering personalized guidance and insights on exploring Noosa. Our complimentary booking service is an added perk. You can access all of these services through Noosa’s accredited Visitor Information Centre, stationed on Hastings St.


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