Noosa Heads

Noosa, a tourist mecca on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, captivates visitors with its sublime beaches, serene river settings, and a refined culinary landscape. Globally celebrated, Noosa draws enthusiasts of the outdoors and gourmands alike, offering protected beach locales and a high-end dining experience.

Encased by the allure of bay, beach, national park, and river, Noosa Heads exudes a relaxed coastal ambiance, setting the stage for a journey into holiday bliss.

In the heart of Noosa Heads, you’ll find an array of accommodations, eateries, shops, and leisure spots ranging from luxurious beachfront resorts to family-friendly retreats. Activities abound, from swimming at the pristine Noosa Main Beach and surfing in the Noosa World Surfing Reserve to exploring the scenic trails of Noosa National Park and enjoying picnics with a hinterland sunset backdrop.

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Looking For Accommodation In Noosa Heads?

Looking for Noosa Heads accommodation is easy with an abundance of many low rise resort apartment suites offering great choice and a range of facilities for your sleeping arrangements.

The availability of Noosa Beach front accommodation or river side, within walking distance to designer boutiques, shops, gallery, cafe’s and restaurants providing access and ease without needing car hire. With activity equipment supplied in most international and resort style apartment suites, tour information and booking facilities are at hand at the reception booking desk and travel limousines to bus transfers and 4WD rental are available and organised for you if needed. Undercover security parking is available.

Sit on the main beach at Noosa Heads with sun umbrellas and chairs which are supplied by the resort as part of the service or simply by the pool side overlooking the beach with children’s wading pool facilities, spa therapies and treatments.

Boardwalk Track, Rainforest, National Parkland and picnic areas all in walking distance from your Noosa Heads accommodation for your convenience to nature’s beauty close at hand and awaiting your arrival.

Other accommodation within a distance of 450 metres from the beach and shops offering modern hillside apartments and penthouse apartments overlooking Laguna Bay. Main Beach with much to be desired details and features of cascading streams and waterfalls, ultra modern deck and poolside lazy boys to completely be away from it all in uncluttered elegance. Intercom Security systems and undercover security parking is also available.

Holidaying in true Queenslander style is definitely a must see and do, from romantics to family group bookings alike this will definitely be a holiday venture with pleasant memories for your photo album and life time adventures.

The search is made easier for you with the compiled list of 3, 4, 5 star locations as far as 450m distance and close proximity to all that is Noosa Heads lifestyle with picture perfect and climate controlled temperature to be enjoyed all year round.

Why We Adore Noosa Heads:

Noosa Heads stands out as one of Australia’s premier vacation spots, beloved for its breathtaking natural scenery and tranquil green spaces that offer visitors an escape into serenity. The area boasts crystal-clear waters in Laguna Bay, secluded National Park bays, and the chance to encounter wildlife like koalas in the eucalypt forests. Adventure seekers can enjoy the perfect waves of the Noosa World Surf Reserve, offering exceptional surfing conditions.

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Noosa Waterfront Dining

The culinary scene along Noosa Main Beach dazzles with its ocean-view restaurants, cafes, and bars, boasting stylish interiors and ambient settings. Further exploration along the Noosa River reveals a plethora of exquisite riverfront dining options on Noosa Sound, accessible by the Noosa Ferry or a romantic sunset cruise, adding a touch of elegance to your dining experience.

Culinary Delights At Noosa Restaurants

Noosa’s gastronomy scene thrives from dawn till dusk. Kick-start your day with a beachside coffee and pastry, indulge in innovative local cuisine for breakfast or lunch with stunning ocean views, and dine under the stars with the ocean as your backdrop. The vibrant nightlife offers an opportunity to explore various bars, enjoying some of Australia’s finest cocktails.

Shopping in Noosa

Hastings Street, Noosa Heads’ bustling thoroughfare, is a shopper’s paradise, lined with a diverse mix of boutiques, homeware stores, galleries, and surf shops. Here, international brands coexist with local Noosa labels, offering everything needed to capture the laid-back, stylish Noosa look.

Noosa Heads embodies the quintessence of a coastal holiday, blending natural beauty with culinary excellence and a lively shopping scene, making it an irresistible destination for those seeking relaxation and adventure in equal measure.

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What is the difference between Noosa and Noosa Heads?
Noosa Heads is often what comes to mind for many when they think of Noosa. Situated at the heart of the Noosa region, this vibrant suburb is essentially split into two primary areas: Hastings Street with its adjoining Main Beach, and Noosa Junction. Hastings Street, alongside the picturesque Main Beach, represents the quintessential Noosa experience for most visitors, embodying the essence of this tourist hotspot with its beachside charm and bustling atmosphere.

Is it better to stay in Noosa or Noosa Heads?
When it comes to choosing a location in Noosa, nine times out of ten, Noosa Heads would be the recommendation. Its proximity to Hastings Street, renowned for its array of shops and cafes that Noosa is famous for, as well as to the beach and National Park, makes it an ideal spot. While Noosaville is a pleasant, more suburban area, getting around there might necessitate having a car or relying on the availability of local bus services.

Why is Noosa Heads popular?
Noosa, renowned for its friendly locals, leisurely beach days, and distinctive adventure activities, stands as one of Australia’s top beachside destinations. It’s encircled by breathtaking beaches, serene lakes, and the verdant hinterland of Noosa National Park, offering a natural playground for visitors seeking both relaxation and adventure in a spectacular setting.

Can you swim at Noosa Heads?
This stunning beach, nestled along Noosa’s headlands, presents a picturesque scene with its gently rolling waves, expansive flat sandy bottoms, and crystal-clear waters, making it a perfect spot for both swimmers and surfers. So, go ahead—spread out a towel, set up an umbrella, and bask in the glorious summer days on the sand!

Why is Noosa so expensive?
Noosa has emerged as a prime destination in Australia’s prestige market, experiencing rapid growth over recent years. This coastal haven is now recognised for its luxury real estate, with trophy homes commanding prices that rival those found in the most affluent areas of Australia’s major cities.

How many days in Noosa is enough?
Noosa, a picturesque tropical town on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, lies about two hours north of Brisbane. With its abundance of attractions and activities, a three-day stay is recommended to fully experience the wonders Noosa has to offer.