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Noosa River

The Noosa Foreshore is a pristine destination for explorers and adventurers, offering a rich tapestry of activities along the Noosa River. Whether you’re interested in hiring a boat, jet-ski, canoe, or any watercraft imaginable, the river provides an ideal setting for water-based fun.

Culinary delights abound along the Noosa Foreshore, catering to every palate and budget. From classic fish and chips to sophisticated fine dining, the array of restaurants and cafes ensures a memorable dining experience for all visitors.

The natural beauty of the area comes alive with breathtaking sunsets and the spectacle of pelicans soaring overhead in pursuit of their evening meal, presenting an unforgettable display each night.

Unique to the Noosa River is its distinction as one of only two everglade systems in the world, making it a rare natural treasure. Home to over 40 species of migratory birds and benefiting from a continuous freshwater inflow, the river’s ecosystem is vibrant and thriving.

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Originating in the Wahpoonga Range within the Great Sandy National Park, the Noosa River’s journey is enriched by six lakes along its path: Lake Cooloola, Lake Como, Lake Cootharaba, Lake Cooroibah, and Lake Weyba, with Kin Kin Creek, Teewah Creek, and numerous other tributaries further nourishing its waters.

As it meanders southwards, culminating at Noosa Heads into the Pacific Ocean, the river offers a multitude of recreational opportunities. From serene sunset cruises to active pursuits like kayaking, sailing, or motorboating, there’s an adventure for every visitor to enjoy.

The Noosa River is a haven for all ages, offering a blend of relaxation and activity amidst stunning natural surroundings. Families can relish in the safe, clear waters, while the more adventurous can explore the river’s expanse via kayak or paddleboat.

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Beyond the water, the Noosa River area encourages land-based exploration with bike hires, tennis courts, and scenic parklands lined with walking paths that are accessible for all, including those with wheelchairs or strollers.

Culinary options are plentiful, with fantastic restaurants, coffee shops, and BBQ areas to satisfy any appetite. Specialty and boutique stores offer shopping opportunities, while the tradition of enjoying fish and chips on the beach remains a quintessential Noosa experience.

Positioned close to Noosa Heads, the famous Hastings Street, surf beaches, and a dog-friendly beach, the Noosa River area encapsulates the essence of Noosa’s charm and appeal. It’s a place that captures the hearts of visitors, ensuring that one visit is never enough and beckoning travelers back time and time again.