Embark on a unique kayaking journey with Kayak Noosa, the exclusive operator in Noosa Heads, offering Australian river kayaking adventures. Start from Noosa Marina and paddle down the serene Noosa River. Reserve your unforgettable kayaking experience now!

Create Your Own Kayaking Story with Kayak Noosa’s Self-Guided River Adventure!

Envision yourself navigating the peaceful Noosa River, embraced by a gentle breeze and the rhythmic melody of your paddle. Kayak Noosa’s Self-Guided Tour offers you the chance to enjoy this tranquil and energizing journey at your leisure.

  • Craft Your Own Path
    Tailored for the independent explorer, our Self-Guided Tour is perfect whether you’re seeking a solo journey or a group expedition. You have the liberty to traverse the beautiful Noosa River as you wish, crafting your own unique experience.
  • Kayak Noosa provide all necessary equipment, including a map of the Noosa River and suggested routes.

Embark on a Majestic Sunset Adventure with Kayak Noosa!

Join us for a group kayak session to discover the best sunset views on the Noosa River. As dusk falls, the sky transforms into a masterpiece of orange and pink shades, best enjoyed from the calm waters of Noosa. Our Sunset Guided Kayak Tour is an extraordinary way to experience this natural spectacle in a serene setting.

  • A Magical Evening Awaits
    Our Sunset Guided Kayak Tour is more than just a paddle – it’s an immersion into the splendor of nature at sunset. Suitable for both experienced and novice kayakers, our expert guides will ensure you are Kayak Noosall-prepared for this unforgettable experience.
  • Available every Friday and Saturday afternoon.

Discover Noosa’s Mangroves and Mansions on a Guided Kayak Tour!

Journey along the Noosa River, where stunning scenery, lush mangroves, and grand mansions await. Our Guided Tour offers a unique opportunity to witness these diverse sights while receiving expert guidance for an enjoyable adventure.

  • Learn and Explore
    Receive essential kayaking instructions from our skilled guides before embarking on your tour. Whether you’re new to kayaking or an enthusiast, Kayak Noosa ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.
Join the Women on Water (WOW) for a Refreshing Kayak Adventure!

Looking for an escape into nature with a social twist? Kayak Noosa’s Women on Water (WOW) program combines light exercise with socializing, inviting women to paddle along the picturesque Noosa River and connect with peers.

Our Women on Water (WOW) program is ideal for a gentle workout and socializing with fellow kayaking enthusiasts. Follow your paddle with a coffee and chat.

NOTE: Participants should have completed the Intro to WoW program or possess basic kayaking skills and be registered in the WoW Facebook Group.

Savor the Peaceful Beauty of the Noosa River

Located in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the Noosa River is a haven for outdoor lovers. Its calm, clear waters flow through vibrant landscapes, offering a peaceful setting for your kayaking adventure. Enjoy stunning views of beaches, waterways, and wildlife as you paddle.

Kayak Noosa stands as the sole Noosa Heads operator offering downriver kayaking tours from Noosa Marina. Our tours include the Mangroves and Mansions guided kayak tour and a sunset guided tour. Kayak Noosa also host the WoW – Women on Water group for regular social paddling. Our kayak selection ranges from beginner-friendly models to more advanced options. Safety is ensured with personal flotation devices and our experienced, knowledgeable guides. Book your Australian kayak tour online today!


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