Envision yourself comfortably perched atop the upper deck of the M.V. Noosa Queen, sipping a chilled beverage, as the scenic grandeur of the Noosa River unfolds around you. With the sun dipping low, you’re treated to expansive views in a quintessentially Noosa moment.

Noosa Queen River Cruises, a well-established name on the Noosa River, promises an unparalleled cruising experience thanks to its seasoned captain and crew, who offer a glimpse of the river’s best-kept secrets. And if fortune smiles upon you, you might witness the spectacular sight of the captain feeding local birds mid-flight.

Operating since 1970, the multi-level M.V. Noosa Queen has seen Noosa’s evolution from simple surf and shack community to its current charm.

Lunch and Dinner Cruises

Guests aboard the M.V. Noosa Queen are treated to a serene voyage along the picturesque Noosa River. Our Lunch Cruise ventures towards Noosa Heads, offering passengers refreshing drinks from our on-board bar as we glide past vibrant waterfront locales.

As lunch is served, we journey toward Lake Cooroibah, passing the tranquil Makepeace Island and quaint ferry crossings, showcasing the river’s serene upper reaches and abundant wildlife.

The Dinner Cruise reverses this route, allowing guests to bask in the Lake Cooroibah sunset before descending the river to witness Noosa’s evening lights.

Sunset River Cruise

Availability for our sunset cruises varies with private bookings, so we encourage checking in advance.

Our sunset cruise offers exceptional value, inviting guests to unwind after a day in Noosa with a tranquil evening on the river. The cruise commences at Noosa Marina, skirts Makepeace Island, and meanders to Lake Cooroibah, where we toast the sunset with drinks from our bar.

Private Party Cruises

For exclusive events, the M.V. Noosa Queen stands as Noosa’s prime party vessel. It’s perfect for private celebrations, Christmas parties, or any special occasion.

With a capacity of 68 and a licensed bar, we can customize your event or offer popular packages for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, or fundraisers.

Wedding Cruises

Offering a departure from traditional venues, the Noosa Queen provides a mobile, scenic setting for weddings. Couples can choose to exchange vows on board, at a beach location, or a public jetty. With the Noosa River as a moving panorama, receptions aboard the Noosa Queen are unforgettable.

Each charter is tailored to the unique needs of the event, with our attentive staff ensuring that every detail is flawlessly executed.

Why You Will Love Noosa Queen River Cruises
  • Experience a breathtaking sunset over the Noosa River
  • A sought-after spot for weddings and events
  • Enjoy stunning views and stylish cruising
  • Romantic for couples and delightful for families
  • Service that’s as warm and inviting as the views

Join us for a warm reception on the M.V. Noosa Queen, leaving from Noosa Marina (just follow the green footprints) for a cruise that promises memorable views and exceptional service.


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