Experience the Zen of Stillwater Fishing.

Dive into a tailored fishing journey unlike any other with Noosa River Fishing Safaris. Our seasoned team specialises in navigating Noosa River’s renowned ecosystem, ensuring a catch from its diverse species.

We explore the scenic expanse of the pristine Noosa River, transitioning from its saline waters to its freshwater domains based on the fish you’re after. Whether you’re a novice looking for a leisurely day out, an individual keen on learning the ropes, or a seasoned fisher, our range of charter options caters to all.

Here’s What We Offer:

  • A complete fishing kit: bait, rods, and terminal tackle.
  • Complimentary food and beverages for half-day and full-day adventures.
  • Essentials like sunscreen and hand sanitizer.
  • Assistance with baiting, casting, and even fishing tutorials, if required.
  • Cleaning of your catch and a convenient bag to carry your fillets.

Things to Pack:

  • Essential accessories: hat, shades, and camera.
  • If you prefer, bring your own alcohol or beer.
  • Feel at liberty to bring your treasured rod or preferred tackle.
  • Pack your snacks and drinks for the shorter 2 & 3-hour trips.

*Note: Our provided meals might have allergens like Gluten, Nuts, and Dairy.

Meet ‘Becky’, our 7.5-meter Cairns Custom Craft – the epitome of luxury for Noosa River fishing expeditions. Equipped with a shade-providing canopy, restroom amenities, a spacious casting area, and tanks for live fish and bait. It operates on an eco-friendly 2021 115 HP Mercury four-stroke motor.

In all our excursions, we ensure a comfortable experience by providing all fishing gear, bait, sunscreen, and bug spray. We also offer exclusive charters tailored to your group. Prices are flexible, based on factors like duration, target species, and group size.

To ensure a seamless experience, please reconfirm your reservation by calling us after 4 pm, a day before your scheduled trip.


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