Discover a treasure trove of beverages at the Noosa Wine Cellar, a renowned destination for wine enthusiasts and spirit lovers. This acclaimed bottle shop is your go-to place for an impressive selection of top-tier and artisanal wines, champagnes, beers, and spirits, all conveniently located on Hastings St.

Step into a world of exquisite tastes at this local cellar, where you can explore an array of both Australian and international drinks. It’s celebrated for its unique position as a boutique liquor destination.

Be sure to inquire about their special offerings, which often feature exclusive wines from small-scale, family-run vineyards, personally known to the cellar owner over many years.

Beyond just a place to buy drinks, Noosa Wine Cellar stands out for its personalised service. They provide expert advice on wines, insights into new and emerging labels, and access to cleanskin wines obtained through their exclusive networks, making it more than just a shopping experience, but a journey into the world of fine beverages.



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